Hello and welcome to The 68 Culture Podcast!  Within our podcasts you will find interviews of world changers that are making our planet a more just, kind, and humble place.  You will hear stories that will inspire and transform... that will conceive tears which beget hope. Our guests are a global forum of people that often work within the margins of society, the brightest of humanity touching the darkest reaches of inhumanity. There are some crazy good things happening in our world that you have not heard... yet!

Our growing list of guests are tackling many things head on... Human Trafficking, Slavery, Government Corruption, History, Exploitation, Homelessness, Addiction, Smuggling, Music, Rare Diseases, Materialism, Poverty, Internet Algorithms, Prostitution, Forensic Science, Serial Killers, Global Plastic Pollution, Pornography, and much, much more.  Step by step... solving and redeeming these systemic maladies.

Regardless of nationality, as people we struggle with Justice, Kindness, and Humility. The 68 Culture Podcast is a movement bringing restoration to a polarized and hurting world. Global, inspiring stories from people sharing their groundbreaking adventures in justice, kindness, and humility.  Our stories would rarely be heard on the news - if ever. Listen. Be Transformed. Transform. Thank you for being part of The 68 Culture family!

The Vision of The 68 Culture Podcast

The vision of a 68 culture always begins with the individual. The ethics of justice, kindness, and humility are at the core of a virtuous person and an equitable society. Most people can identify with the value of these three pillars.  Poverty is one of the greatest challenges to transforming our world to being more just, kind, and humble. Watch this video to revolutionize your understanding of poverty.  

The 68 Culture is based on the triumvirate of justice, kindness, and humility. Equal in value and interdependent. The essence of 68 Culture is not an organization but rather a movement.

Our vision isn’t ‘our vision’.  It’s one of humanity where everyone is a participant and no one is a spectator. It takes little effort to act in just ways, to be kind, and to walk in humility. And yet, it seems to be one of the greatest challenges we face. It really is as simple as beginning now. In our day to day interactions. In our thought life. In our focus. Contrary to what society propagates, it isn’t all about me. It never was.  The 68 Culture name originates from a text in the Hebrew Bible - Micah 6:8.  He lived 2,700 years ago in a time not unlike our own that was in desperate need of Justice, Kindness (Mercy), and Humility.  

Justice - When a wrong was committed against us, we want justice.

Kindness/Mercy  -When we commit a wrong, we want mercy and kindness.

Humility - Can justice and mercy co-exist?  Through humility, yes!

Our world is in a divisive state of chaos where protests abound but little is solved. We are all called to be the recipients of change, not just the agents of it. 

Join the 68 Culture movement where we are transforming the world, beginning with ourselves!  Our guests come from diverse backgrounds all over the world.  Our hope is that you will be refreshed, inspired, and renewed from hearing of their stories and work.  There are many great things happening in our world and we can all be part of something bigger than ourselves. 

Thank you for being part of the 68 Culture family!  Please contact us for more information, suggestions on guests, and feedback.






About the Host

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Rob McKinley

Founder & Host

Thank you so much for visiting! My name is Rob and I founded The 68 Culture Podcast based on the triumvirate of of Justice, Kindness, and Humility. I'm just a regular guy, hailing from Canada who has experienced a diversity of cultures in a myriad of nations. I spent many years working for international NGO's and am well traveled to many places in Asia, Central America, South America, Africa, Europe, and North America - mostly Global South countries that continue to experience significant challenges with poverty and injustice.

Through my work, I've made some significant connections with inspiring people all over our planet. People that have not only intentionally lived their lives in justice, kindness, and humility... their inspiration and work is transforming tens of thousands. These are stories of incredible people that must be told - so this is my gift to you.

Listen, Be Transformed, Transform. Thank you for being part of The 68 Culture family!