Oct. 27, 2020

Episode 5 - Brian McConaghy, Ratanak International - Part 2

Brian McConaghy is the founding Director of Ratanak International.  A former forensic  scientist with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, his is a compelling  story of triumph against all odds.

From his early life in violence ravaged Northern Ireland, to being  instrumental in solving Canada's most notorious serial killer case of  Robert 'Willy' Pickton, Brian is as tenacious as he is compassionate -  overcoming numerous obstacles.  Notably, his work also brought one of  the most documented cases of a Canadian pedophile to justice when the  system was failing.

Brian continues to advocate for the most exploited, marginalized, and  trafficked people in the country of Cambodia.  

Join us for Part 2 as Brian illumines the dark world of human trafficking in Cambodia and SE Asia.  You will witness the transformative work Ratanak is doing to combat it.  Prepare to be changed as you not only hear stories of gross injustice but of incredible redemption and hope... in Episode 5 of 68 Culture.