Nov. 21, 2020

Episode 9 - Kevin Knight, Manna4Life Cambodia - Part 1

Kevin Knight is the co-founder of Manna4Life Cambodia.  Kevin's is a story from the darkness of addiction to the light of purpose.  From Canada to Cambodia... from emptiness to fulfillment.  

Kevin and his wife Leakhena run Manna4Life, a Cambodian Non-Government Organization.  Manna4Life  truly understands and shares the  hopes and fears, joys and disappointments of the people that they have  set out to assist.  By entering the community as keen “learners” rather  than possessors of all knowledge and solutions to the  community's issues, Manna4Life aims to empower the local people to direct  their own, sustainable change.

Join us for Part 1 as Kevin takes us on a journey of faith and redemption from the Downtown East Side of Vancouver to the far reaches of the poorest in Cambodia.