Jobin Sam is a self-described sojourner who has found a treasure worth selling everything for. He and his family reside in rural, northern Uganda.

He has spent time in India, Malawi, Ethiopia, and Kenya but providentially found home - and deep purpose living in the margins with the poor and sick in rural Uganda. Jobin has a background working in the NGO world but has elected to trod the path of incarnational living . One of 'being' over 'doing'. One of purpose over triviality. Much of their time is spent with children and families afflicted by a progressive and fatal disorder known as 'Nodding Disease' which affects only children and is restricted to small regions of Uganda, South Sudan, and Tanzania.

Join us as Jobin shares what life is like in rural Uganda living under Covid conditions, post Civil War/LRA society in present day Uganda, understanding the true meaning of blessing through the lenses of suffering, his poignant writings, numbering our days, and so much more. His choices of living will leave you not only inspired, but on the path of reevaluating your own life. Few people have I known that embody the interplay of Justice, Kindness, and Humility as Jobin Sam. As you listen, you will hear one man's story... who has fully embraced - and is living the Pearl of Great Price. Jobin Sam on Episode 13 of The 68 Culture Podcast.