A former RCMP officer, Zak Koftinoff is a Canadian expat now residing in Cambodia. He was driven to a career with the RCMP after witnessing a bank robbery at the age of 10. His career as police officer left him scarred and subsequently embattled with PTSD and various addictions.

Through a series of events, he came to faith at Tenth Church - an inner city faith community in Vancouver BC, Canada. After leaving the force and through many journeys, he was called to pursue a life in Cambodia advocating for the vulnerable and trafficked.

His current role with Extreme Love is overseeing a small team of young Cambodians who seek to intercept victims of human trafficking after they have been taken/sold from their families - but before they end up in exploitation. The compelling work of Extreme Love is replete with both heartbreak and hope. Zak's testimonial both inspires and prompts a search for the deeper questions of purpose within our own lives.

Join us as Zak transparently shares his journey of life and the incredible work that Extreme Love is facilitating in the country of Cambodia. Your own perspective and priorities may well be set on a new course.