Cara Contreras is the Founder & Director of Sutisana - all the way from El Alto, Bolivia.

Ever wonder exactly what is being done to not only combat human trafficking but provide sustainable alternatives for women entrapped in trafficking and prostitution in the most impoverished regions in the world? Today we find out! You don't want to miss the transformative stories and work that Cara Contreras shares on today's episode of the 68 Culture Podcast!

After arriving in Bolivia, Cara was quickly swept up by a vision for a therapeutic and vocational option for survivors of prostitution and trafficking. In 2010 she was part of the team that founded SUTISANA and has been committed to its success ever since. She’s worked in almost every part of the business and is now focusing on making SUTISANA a business that can grow and flourish in the future - independently of any one person. I had the privilege of spending a couple of days with SUTISANA back in 2017... discovering their work being a combination of noble, heroic, critical, and front lines - a story that must be told!

Join us on a journey from Ethiopia to Bolivia and discover the real Bolivia - in all its majesty and challenges through the eyes of Cara Contreras and the incredible, life transforming organization of SUTISANA.