Terry Posthumus is a Canadian Singer/Songwriter/Author/Speaker. Terry is known for lyrics that are introspective, inspirational and insightful. His appealing voice and his command of his instrument has captivated audiences near and far - with performances that have been described as “rootsy”, engaging and delightful. His passion for life, love, family, faith and justice is woven into the very fabric of his songs and stories.

If you have ever been befallen by grief and loss or are facing them head on, this episode is for you. Terry shares his journey with a raw vulnerability and inspiring transparency that offers unspoken comfort for times when there are no words. He is a man well acquainted with sorrow. One look at the painful events that are interwoven into his life and one would wonder and marvel at the idea that he would survive, let alone thrive. As a young boy, Terry's father was killed instantly in an industrial accident. Terry’s story includes the heart-wrenching loss of life of not one, but three of his children and the death of his beloved first wife, Lorraine. Terry knows loss, abandonment and brokenness, all too well. He has been, for all intents and purposes, a childless father and a fatherless child. And yet, the story doesn't end there.

To quote Terry, "I can't ignore or cover up the tragedies. They are an intrinsic part of the story and the effect of these things has shaped me into the person that I am today. Pain is a part of this life. This I know. But without pain, there can be no healing. Without darkness, there would be no need for light. If we weren't lost, we wouldn't need to be found. If I wasn't blind, there would be no need for the restoration of my sight. I have to talk about the hard parts. I must reveal the cracks, blisters and dirt for without these things, there is no story of grace." Terry's story, though at times painful and tragic is just that, a continuing story of grace... and one interlaced with hope and joy! You can hear it in his voice and feel it in his passion. Together, we share a common bond of loss but far more importantly... the hope that excessively transcends loss.

Join us as we hear inspiring stories from a man who has faced the deepest of despair head on. His music is shared as well as an inside look into his upcoming book, "Hope Unbroken". His life story not only inspires hope but transforms lives... and continues to do so as he is a living testimony of what we would call - a 68 Culture life.