Helen Sworn is the Founder and Executive Director of Chab Dai, a Cambodian non-government organization that seeks to end all forms of abuse and modern slavery globally by building a movement to empower communities, to strengthen systems, and to restore justice and well-being with survivors.

If you’ve ever felt impassioned about something but have lacked the follow through to turn that empathy into action, Helen shares equipping tools to take that next step. She walks us through the 5 Core Values of the Chab Dai organization, which are really transferable pillars for any NGO to operate effectively.

We’re offered a unique look into Helen’s life. Our journey takes us from her roots in northern England, into the corporate world and landing in the country of Cambodia – where in 1999 she launched an organization and movement that has changed (and continues to change) countless lives – the Chab Dai Coalition. Helen shares impacting stories with us that are heartbreaking and heart restoring. One cannot help but be both inspired and transformed from the power of her message.

The work of Chab Dai is both a noble and uphill task, fraught with many obstacles. Human trafficking is complex, fueled by issues like social inequality, culture and history, gender inequality, poverty, and economic disempowerment. With so many obstacles, the response must be a collaborative one. Chab Dai literally means … Joining Hands - translated from the Khmer language. Join hands with us today as we hear from a world leader in today’s abolitionist movement... On today’s episode of the 68 Culture Podcast.